Gold, Silver and Bead necklaces and pendants.

Labradorite and silver hand made necklace                             €495    #labradorite

Natural coral and silver necklace Native American style #naturalcoral  €890

Frosty agate set in hand made sterling silver pendant €295

NaturalGrafite pendent set in handmade sterling silver with silver chain €295.

Hand braided leather necklace with silver clasp. €175

PB130011 18ct handmade gold chain with tourmalines 25.5g
92cm long € 975

  Dendritic agate set in sterling silver with yellow sapphire
set in 18ct gold on cultured pearl necklace. €550

Pear shaped Citrine mounted in Sterling Silver and smaller Citrine set in 18ct gold on braided leather necklace. €155.
Amethyst set in sterling silver, blue topaz set in 18ct
gold necklace on hand made braided leather €125


Agate set in sterling silver with citrine set in 18ct gold
on Hesonite Garnet necklace. €155

Black and Golden Jade set in Sterling Silver with Citrine set in 18ct gold on braided leather. €125

   leather necklace with sterling silver and natural turquoise €375


   Natural turquoise earrings to match


 antique style pendent on silk   €69

Stainless Steel and 18ct gold Chinese symbol necklace on leather braid €69 + €29

Black Chinese cultured pearls, ruby beads, faceted Citrines and Sterling Silver beaded necklace 
58cm long, plus tassels.   €275.    

Ebony pendent set in sterling silver on silver chain €50 + €20



  PM130003 Pink coral and silver necklace  72cm long 73.2g € 495

PM130002 Pink coral and cultured pearl necklace 88cm long 40g € 275

Lapis Lasuli and Bambu Coral necklace 62cm long €175

 First quality 10mm Mediterranean coral.  73 grams    Very rare.    Price  on request  #naturalcoral10mm #redcoral  #firstqualitycoral #mediterraneancoral #coralbeads

 Colombian emerald faceted necklace with 18ct gold lock   25.7grams  71.98€ per gram 72cmlong      €1650. 
#emeralbeads #colombianemeraldbeads



18ct White Gold necklace and earrings to match with sapphires diamonds

18ct white gold pendent with 13 blue diamonds Murano glass figure of Lion  20.8g €1300



PB130022 Australian and Tahiti grey cultured pearls in 18ct
white gold pendent € 695

PB130046 Garnet cabochon set in 18ct gold pendent 1.1g € 250


 PB130042 Rose Quartz set in 18ct gold on sterling silver chain 3g € 125


PB130037 Roman coin and Burmese ruby pendent set in 18ct gold3.4g € 750

PB130039 18ct gold Jade emerald and diamond pendent 6cmlong € 660

PB130036 18ct white gold chain cultured pearls by MIMI
natural coloured from pink to white 12.7g € 345

PM130016 6mm red coral beads, Sapphire and 18ct gold beads
with hand made 18ct gold lock. 82cm 32.2g € 1,500

Tiny silver and leather necklace hand made in sterling silver and suede leather   €39


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