Earrings in 18ct gold set with precious and semi precious gemstones

Culture Pearls, rutil quartz and amonites, 4 x 0.02 diamonds set in hand made 18ct gold                                                                  €975

Faceted Ruby cabochons, rutil quartz, 6 x 0.02 diamonds set in handmade 18ct gold                                                                              €975

060053 18ct gold Blue Topaz faceted drops 6 x 0.02ct diamonds €795

060034          18ct Gold Citrines, Burmese Rubies and Citrine drops €895

060039         18ct Gold Rose Quartz, amethysts and rose quartz drops €695

060042                18ct rose gold, Garnets, and Smokey Quartz drops €695

060044                        18ct gold amethysts and amethyst drops €695


060051               Bes Coins set in 18ct gold with Blue Topaz €595

060047                Bes Coins set in 18ct gold with natural corals €595

060076 18ct heart shaped earrings with ruby cabochons €595

060072 18ct gold double Citrine earrings, hand made €595

060059 18ct gold Aquamarine 1.28ct pair with 6 diamonds x 0.02ct    €895

060065                18ct gold double Peridot earrings, hand made €675

060058 18ct gold Amethyst and cultured pearls earrings, handmade     €595

060032 18ct white gold invisible setting diamonds €2900

060029                     18ct white gold and diamond earrings €895

060022 Burmese Rubies and diamonds 0.25ct set in 18ct white gold €3675

060020 12mm white round Australian pearls diamonds 0.10ct, 8x0.01
                 each earring, set in 18ct white gold €3500

060033 White Australian pearls 14mm x 11mm diamonds 0.25
set in handmade 18ct white gold €2575

060016 Cultured pearls and diamonds set in 18ct Gold Earrings by
                              Andrea Ghelli €1775

060046 Sri Lankan sapphires set in handmade 18ct hammered gold   
                         12.8grams      with omega clips €1325

060015 6.5mm diameter, 18ct gold Etruscan style hand made, with diamonds €495

1210094               Natural Pink coral 18ct gold candelabra earrings €695

060013 Yellow and white 18ct gold diamond earrings 2x.10ct 17grams €1250

070077 Sterling silver and 18ct gold wires with amethysts             €190

070078 Sterling silver and 18ct gold wires ruby cabochons €190

070080 Sterling silver and 18ct gold heart shaped with Citrines      €190

070081 Sterling silver 18ct gold posts Citrines and Black Jade    €225

Golden Citrines set in 18ct gold with omega locks.       €750