Collectors pieces, Chopard. Massimo Sanalitro. Sauro. Creart. Mikimoto. Mariaemma. Aquamarine.

Chopard 18ct gold Happy Diamond rigid bracelet. Original piece, NEW. 29.4 grams weight 
Original price €3666 reduced to €2500.

PB130065 Chopard Happy diamond bracelet. 18ct gold rubber
band. Never worn. Original PVP piece €1448 12g € 1,000

18ct White gold bracelet by SAURO. 21cm long  20.4grams weight €1325

PB130047 Aquamarine Swiss Chronograph Stainless Steel
Double row of diamonds in Stainless steel case. € 750

PB130057 18ct gold chain by CREART 72cmlong 43.5g € 2,950

PB13003 18ct white gold pendent with 13 blue diamonds
by Maria Emma, Barcelona 20g € 1,300
Murano Glass centre with figure of lion.

PB130023 18ct white gold diamond star necklace 6.4g        € 495

PB130047 18ct white gold onyx and diamond cufflinks 13.2g € 1,200

PB130048 18ct white gold, diamonds and yellow gold fake screw
decoration cuff links 13.2g € 875

PB130050 18ct white gold and diamond tie pin with yellow gold
fake screw decoration and yellow gold safety chain 9.3g   € 650

PB130053 Panther broach, 18ct white and yellow gold with
pavé of diamonds sapphires and ruby eyes 12.3g
4cm long € 1,250

PB130031 18ct white gold Sapphire and diamond necklace 16.1g €1400
and White gold Sapphire earrings

PB130036 18ct white gold chain cultured pearls by MIMI (By Mikimoto)
natural coloured from pink to white 12.7g € 345

Piercing with 3 peridots set in 18ct gold €365

 Turmaline Rubalite set in 18ct gold and diamonds on natural polished Amethyst                                                                  base.
                              Orginal piece by Massimo Sanalitro, Milano.

           Outstanding ring with Fire Opal set in 18ct gold with diamonds, Rutil Quartz base.
                          A genuine collectors piece by Massimo Sanalitro, Milan.
                                                              Price €2,500.