18ct yellow gold hand made rings with precious and semi precious gemstones

20040 18ct hammered gold with emerald     4.6g                          €495

20042 Sapphire 0.94ct 18ct gold ring 4.9g                                   €795

20044 Tanzanite 1ct 18ct gold ring 5.1g          €750

20049 Tanzanite 1.65ct 2 x diamonds 0.02ct 18ctgold 5.6g              €950

20051 Tanzanite oval 1.72ct 2 x 0.02 diamonds 18ct gold 5.6g     €975

20052 Colombian emerald 1.62ct diamonds 2x0.02ct 18ct 5.8g          €1050

20053 fire opal 1.1ct , 18ct gold 6.4g €695

20056 Aquamarine 2.75ct 18ct gold ring          11.4g                               €1695

20058 Pink Sapphire 2.92ct 18ct gold ring 11.4g €2500

20060 Aquamarine 3.73ct 6x0.02 diamonds 18ct gold 20.4g                   €2390

20061 Kunzite 11.7ct 18ct gold 15.6g €2765

20063 Pear shaped Sapphire 2ct. 10x0.05ct diamonds 14.6g      €1950

20066 Burmese rubies 1x0.89, 2x0.57 18ct gold 11.5g €1650

20068 Diamond 1x0.50ct 10x0.05 18ct gold 17.2g        €4900

20069 Diamond 1x0.35 6 x 0.05 14.3g        €2590

20070 Sri Lankan Sapphire 6.16ct . 14x0.05diamonds 18ct 16.3g Price on request

20072 Sri Lanka sapphire 6ct. 2x0.15 diamonds 4x0.05ct 18.5g Price on request

20076 Amethyst 20x0.05ct diamonds 18ct gold ring 17.8g €2,500

20077 diamond 0.10ct yellow and white 18ctgoldring 12.2g €950

Twisted braids 18ct yellow and white gold ring with diamonds  6.9g €750



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